Direct Mail Solutions

We put our stamp on it.

We do direct mail differently from other mail houses. It’s a defining difference that keeps our clients coming back to us with more projects time and time again. Firstly, we listen to your concerns, analyze your assets (mailing lists, creative, etc.), and then work with you to build something extraordinary. Secondly, we help you save money where it counts, so that you can put those savings to good use in other places—like attention-grabbing print techniques. Our goal is to provide you with the very best ROI possible for your direct mail campaigns. If done right, (with a targeted mailing list, relevant offers, and head-turning creative), direct mail can be a powerful tool as part of a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Over the years, we’ve invested in equipment that automates many of our mail pieces. In the past, most of these procedures had to be done by hand. These increased efficiencies in speed and quality also set us apart.

The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to producing direct mail here at Spectrum. We can create pop-up mailers, die-cut mailers, mailers with specialty items glued onto the surface, and much more. Whether your direct mail needs involve a custom digital solution where each piece is tailored to the recipient, or a high quantity offset run with advanced labeling techniques, pre-sort and fulfillment, our team can provide you with alternative approaches that not only fit your budget, but also maximize the opportunity for strong returns.

We also have specialty tipping equipment that can enhance your direct mail campaigns, as well as turnkey solutions from list procurement through printing and personalizing, fulfillment, and mailing. Another important benefit to working with our direct mail team is our volume of printing, which is so high in quantity and quality, we have established a strategic partnership with the post office in regards to plant verification.