Engineering Tips

Keys to a successful folded carton design

At SPC we have a world class team of structural engineers that work closely with our customers to design the best folded cartons. Several key factors go into engineering an effective carton: the customer’s brand needs, structural integrity requirements, and how the product will be filled – by machine or by hand.

Here are a few things to assess during the planning phase to help ensure the most successful project:

  1. It is incredibly valuable to get the physical product that will be going in the folded carton. By having the actual product, we can ensure the packaging we create is the best solution for the item.
  2. Is the product being filled by hand or machine? This allows the team to look at ideas like auto-bottom boxes to decrease the amount of hand labor.
  3. What is the quantity? Knowing quantity ahead of time allows us to engineer the right layout and quote the die accordingly. Larger quantities require more positions on a sheet and a dedicated die and tooling, while smaller projects require less tooling.
  4. What are the brand standards? Are there any brand guidelines we need to be aware of, i.e. certain types of papers or inks that have to be used?
  5. The most important rule is: form follows function. We always prioritize the ease of use with the carton above all else. Knowing how the end user will see it is an important piece of information the designers need to know up front to deliver the most value to your business. Convenience is the main selling factor in the American market.

If you have any questions, please contact your sales or customer service representative at SPC. If you would like more information, our structural designers can also work with your team.