Luxury Comes in Many Shades

Beautiful things happen when we collaborate. In the spirit of sustainability, luxury and value—SPC has partnered with Monadnock to create an interactive sample kit that features an array of unique techniques and paperboard fiber options for luxury brands and retailers.

Print specialists at SPC designed and produced the sample kit in house using Monadnock’s environmentally crafted folding box board line. This line includes a range of sustainably produced substrates—from virgin and PCW recycled fiber on coated and uncoated surfaces to Kona and cotton fiber.

By combining Monadnock’s renewable and recyclable folding box board line with SPC’s technical and engineering expertise, we’ve created an interactive sample kit that is designed to elevate the unboxing experience. In the package, you’ll find a liftaway tray that holds nine unique cubes, each featuring a sustainably produced fiber-based substrates with eye-catching inks, foils, embossing and UV treatments.

SPC and Monadnock are dedicated to changing the perception that high-end, luxury packaging is incompatible with social responsibility and sustainability. With the combination of our talents and resources, we are excited to unleash a wave of new packaging possibilities for brand owners across the globe.

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