Heidelberg Speedmaster Press

Increased Productivity and Quality Through Technology.

Spectrum Packaging Corporation is proud to announce our most powerful press yet—the new Heidelberg Speedmaster 106 XL. This top-of-the-line equipment allows us to offer better quality with faster production time while still being eco-friendly and energy-efficient. We can print your packaging in a single inline pass and move immediately into finishing and cutting, thanks to the UV dryer system.


Watch our time-lapse install video:


7 Benefits to the Speedmaster

  1. Color Consistency
    Heidelberg’s inline monitoring system constantly scans color as it prints to ensure precision control and quality.
  2. Decreased Waste
    Intelligent Automation, including auto-loading and zero make-ready technology, reduces waste, helps the environment, and saves money.
  3. Instant Drying
    UV light curing system ensures printed material is dry, allowing immediate integration into the finishing and cutting stages.
  4. Single Inline Pass
    Seven (7) colors and an optimized spot UV coating system eliminate the need for additional production steps.
  5. Energy Efficient
    A wide range of eco components minimize energy consumption, emissions, paper waste, and other factors that affect the environment.
  6. Zero-Defect System
    Two high-resolution cameras review each sheet for color and image imperfections, allowing continuous quality control.
  7. Increased Speed to Market
    Significant reduction in manual processes, combined with Heidelberg’s new automated technologies enables project completion in less than half the time of current industry standards.

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