Health & Beauty Products

Beautiful, inside and out.

In cosmetics, the branded box is an extension of the product inside. It must look and feel like it houses a treasure, something that can make a difference in the consumer’s life. We understand this unique market and the deep emotional factors that influence purchasing decisions. In an industry where small jars of serums and creams can exceed the $100 price point, packaging is key to reinforcing its worth.

Consumers do judge a book by its cover, especially in cosmetics. When a package is well designed, it portrays value and establishes a level of trust with the consumer. Our designers and engineers work with cosmetics companies across the country to design and develop packaging that exudes exclusivity and credibility.

By combining shape and color with unique folds and printing techniques like specialty coatings and embellishments, we create a visual and tactile experience that brings a new layer of perceived value to your brand.