Folding Cartons

Thoughtfully executed. Boldly folded.

At the end of the day, there are many companies that can produce folding cartons, but few that can bring a unique perspective to the engineering, design, and construction of them as we do. Knowing that packaging can make or break a consumer’s purchase decision, we are thoughtful in every step of the process. All the work put into the launch of a product comes down to that final moment of interaction, when the consumer scans the shelves. Is it unique and noticeable? Does it connect with the customer? Does it accurately reflect your brand? We think about all of these factors in our manufacturing process.

In our experience, we’ve found that for carton packaging to be a success, it should cover these key points:

  • The brand inside has to be effectively communicated on the outside
  • The carton must capture the consumer’s attention by maximizing the shelf appeal
  • The product must be both featured and protected within the carton
  • The carton must accurately communicate the product’s details and its benefits.