SPC 3 R’s Earth Day Challenge

To celebrate Earth Day, SPC is challenging you to participate in our 3 R’s Earth Day Challenge. These small tasks will help care for the planet in a big way.

SPC Earth Day Challenge

1. REPLACE plastic packaging for paperboard

Swapping plastic packaging with paperboard is proven to be more environmentally friendly. Paper products come from a renewable resource and can be recycled up to seven times. Look for your favorite pantry staples, beauty products and health items in paper-based folded cartons. Learn more about how to make this smart lifestyle choice.

2. REPURPOSE your paper packaging

Instead of purchasing over-priced plastic bins to help contain your materials, turn your folded cartons into a drawer or file organizers. Simply cut down the boxes to fit your space and item size, then arrange them in a drawer or on your desktop. Wrap the bottom with decorative paper to help beautify your space. Learn more unique ways to upcycle.

3. Learn what you can RECYCLE

Feel good knowing that by recycling you are reusing resources that keep the planet healthy. Learn exactly what can be recycled in your everyday life. Paper and paper-based packaging—like folded cartons—are among the most recycled materials in the United States. The fibers that makeup paper products can be used up to seven times to make new products. Check your local recycling rules by zip code.

It’s never too late to help take care of the Earth for a better tomorrow. Contact SPC to learn more about sustainable paperboard packaging.