SPC True Security

Secure by design.


Provide your customers with the guarantee of a genuine product with True Security. Our innovative secure printing techniques help guard your brand against counterfeits by protecting your company’s integrity and reputation. Secure printing offers peace of mind to your business and your customers by making your product packaging nearly impossible to duplicate.

  • Use subtle printing techniques or highly visible elements to verify authenticity
  • Keeps the process honest and transparent
  • Ensure your customers get a genuine product—not a cheap knock-off
  • Low-cost options allow you to add protection for less than you think

Protect Your Authenticity

Spectrum uses an array of security techniques to create the most secure product packaging available. From specialty printing techniques to custom spec papers, SPC will partner with you to create high-end, secure package that is hard to duplicate—without breaking your budget!

uv light

UV Light
UV light security features can only be viewed under a UV light, making them subtle and hard to replicate. These hidden security techniques add a covert layer of protection to your product packaging.


Unique tactile security features can be added to your product packaging using braille printing. Raised features can be used in both covert and highly visible ways to create a package that is both secure and appealing to the consumer.


Patterned Foil
Patterned foil security features make your product packaging nearly impossible to replicate. These features also make for eye-catching packaging, elevating your product’s value. These custom security techniques can be done inline during the die-cutting or printing process.


Hidden Features
For an extra layer of protection, SPC can add hidden features to your product packaging. These customized options make your packaging even harder to duplicate. Hidden features include cut-out notches, special letters, numbers, or graphics. We can even include a custom barcode hidden beyond the die-line. These covert options are invisible to the consumer while offering low-cost security protection for your brand.


Complete your product packaging with our additional True Security features, including:

  • Made-to-order papers
  • Specialty print techniques—UV printing, laminates, holograms, foil, and braille
  • Watermarks
  • Hidden features beyond the die-line—notches, numbers, graphics, letters, and barcodes
  • Additional custom features designed specifically for your product packaging

Spectrum offers a variety of inexpensive ways to add security to your next package design. Contact us today to find out more. Because your quality product deserves the seal of authenticity!


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