SNEAK PEEK: This Fall, Spectrum upgrades our window packaging service!

This Fall, Spectrum is upgrading our window packaging service! As part of our 3-year capital investment strategy, we are working hard to improve our array of service offerings. In line with these goals, we recently invested in a GenieCut—the latest innovation in window application systems. This in-line production process creates less waste and downtime, while creating make-readies in just minutes!

The GenieCut offers capabilities never before available in window applicators:
• The mobile frame allows for easy installation and movement from gluer to gluer
• Adjustments to film and glue pattern can be made while the machine is running
• Film and glue patterns are stored in the controller, reducing machine make-ready time from hours to minutes
• The film cutting system allows the knife to remain stationary
• The film accumulator or buffer is operated by vacuum

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